Hypernetec catches-up with one of the fastest moving men in tech, Mr. Brady Forrest. Brady is the VP at Highway1, PCH’s Hardware Incubator and is always on the lookout for the next hot piece of hardware.

He has a CV that is dazzling in its breadth and is one of the most plugged-in men in technology.

Connector, facilitator, speaker, maker, curator, venture capitalist, entrepreneur and technology evangelist. These are only a few of the many hats, Brady has in his digital locker.

Brady is the founder of Ignite, a geek event that has spread to over a hundred cities worldwide. He can be found speaking at numerous conferences around the globe, building robots, or sci-fi transport for Burning Man, or guarding highway1’s incubator secret door, once described as a “Narnia for Hardware!”

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Thanks to Brady and the PCH team.


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