“I guess the album is something we’ve been working towards for the last two years and its probably the most concise body of work we’ve ever done. We drew on all our influences from the deeper tones of Trentemoller, the cheeky minimal melodies of Booka Shade, the guitar work of UK indie rock bands like Foals, through to writing vocals with more of a soulful throwback.”

 RUfUS – Golden Scissors, Interview, August 2013


Sun Kissed Bliss

RUfUS Band Image

Original Image : RUfUS – Southbound Festival, 2014

RUfUS (Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist and James Hunt) are another Australian EDM act on the rise. Formed in 2010, the group have built momentum with a series of EP’s and Remixes, culminating the release of their debut LP,
Atlas. Releasing their debut EP, Rufus in 2011, the group established a unique sound of minimal, glass-like melodies, 4/4 beats and infectious vocals. The breakthrough single, Paris Collides, constructs the framework for their sound; perfect for heavenly summer days or euphoric dance floors.

“Going into writing the album we knew we wanted half to be bright summer tracks with some deeper darker tunes in the later part of the album and I think we’ve balanced that pretty nicely.”

A Melting Pot

The RUfUS debut album is a hotchpotch of cutting edge dance music styles – trance, future-garage, house and Balearic chill. That they manage to make it work whilst sounding unique is something of a minor miracle. However what pushes Atlas to higher realms, is that it is not just confined to the dance floors and clubs. This is music for a train ride. This is music for late nights at home. This is music for Sunday afternoons. This is music for the beach. All the while it stays on the right side of the creative/commercialism divide.

Opener, Sundream, is the morning after the night before dressed in 90’s synths, tight beats and euphoric melodies. Take Me, sounds like an update of Adamski`s Killer that has been dragged to a beach party, and Simplicity is Bliss is as beautiful as it sounds with arpeggios of icy synths that recall the high points of Royksopp.

RUfUS have crafted a great record that straddles the boundaries of artistic integrity and the top 10 with amazing confidence. Over its 12 tracks it is surprising, consistent, challenging and rewarding, each track crying out to be heard.

Atlas by RUfUS: Released on 25 April 2014 on Sweat It Out Records.


Check Out – Desert Night

A groovy melody propelled by pulsing beats, treated synths and polished animosity, Desert Night is the second single taken from the album.

 “And as the light spills out

Of the sleepless air

You will see me there

Don’t go anywhere, go anywhere

Wait right here.”

The vocals are simple, and not overproduced, seducing the listener into the world between the club and the comedown where RUfUS inhabit.



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