“It inspires the hell out of me, I listen to a lot of it. I love the way dance music can put you in a trance.”

Nicholas Murphy aka Chet Faker – The Guardian, Interview, April 2014



Chet Faker (real name Nicholas Murphy) is another electronica driven musician on the rise. Hailing from Australia, Faker is one of a new breed of Australian musicians embracing electronica and R&B, and his sound is heavily jazz-tinged with a timeless, loungey cool.

It’s a melting pot of Ibiza chill, Bob Dylan, Motown, 90`s R&B and easy-listening.  Already, well recognised in his native Australia, Faker won Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Best EP in 2012 at the Australian Independent Record Awards, and in January of 2013, he won Best Independent Release at the Rolling Stone Australia Awards.



 Image Source: Chet Faker

The name is kind of just an ode to Chet Baker and the mood of music he used to play, something I would like to at least pay homage to in my own music. – “I listened to a lot of jazz and I was a big fan of … the way he sang, when he moved into mainstream singing he had this really fragile vocal style—this really, broken, close-up and intimate style”

Interview with INTERVIEW September 2013.



Murphy changed his name to Chet Faker after several cases of mistaken identity, when eager fans would turn up to his gigs expecting a different Nicholas Murphy, an already established musician. His voice has a warmth and honesty about it that fits perfectly with the music he creates.

Two years in the making, and crafted around break-ups and the building that occurs in the aftermath, Built on Glass, is a smooth, bluesy and jazzy affair, that adds warmth to the usual glacial feel of Electronica. The production gives the record the right amount of space to breathe, and Faker`s use of sound is impressive, inventive and natural.

Opener, Release Your Problems is a soulful, powerful-performed number that sets the tone for the record with languid jazz tones. Gold is a catchy downtempo piece in the mood of classic Motown, and Cigarettes and Loneliness has a delicious, In Rainbowsesque guitar lick, while electronica beats shuffle gently in the background, and Faker delivers the lyrics with bittersweet relish.

Built on Glass is an impressive record. It is accessible, intelligent record that drips with jazzy unhurried cool, a passionate bittersweet soulfulness and an unpatronising knowingness.

  • Built on Glass by Chet Faker: Released on 14 April 2014 on Downtown/Future Classic




A jazzy, downtempo number with clean production and a rolling bass line, that  showcases the talents of Faker in one easy-going package.

“You’re a mouthful
That amounts for another week on my own.
Now I’m a novel made resourceful
I start a chain with my thought.”

Baker sings the lines with a disarming honesty as the song grooves and winds its way through all three and a half minutes.


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