“When we came together to form Dems it was important to us all to try and play live music in a less traditional way – using samplers and computers, but then still keeping the live instrumentation that we had all used previously”

David Gardener of d-e-m-s

Wonderland Magazine interview October 2014




Gentle Razor-Edged Fragility

Comprising of David Gardener, Duncan Mann and Dan Moss, London trio Dems have been making music since 2011 and despite sounding like the natural companions to SOHN and James Blake, their influences range from Punk to Drum n Bass to Jazz.

This gives their sound an atmospheric, dreamy, almost Eno-esque ambient lilt driven forward by melodic vocal harmonies and rigid beats. Sitting in the hole between EDM and Indie Pop, Dems always focused on nailing down a tender spike into the heart of pristine electro indie pop.

Opener, “Sinking in the Sorry” is an icy ambient piece reminiscent of Brian Eno, a guitar-less Bloc Party and contemporary SOHN. A big steady pulsating beat kicks the tune up a gear into more optimistic territory.

“Sense of an Ending” pulls the album back to almost Sigur Ros like ambience, “Made for Myself” has a strong emotional pull. With it`s gentle beats, effective falsetto and dreamy guitar playing it`s a close to SOHN and James Blake as Dems get. The beautiful “Never Have Never Will” echoes the delicate ambience that washes across the record tinted with melancholic sadness.

Dems have crafted an album that recalls the xx, SOHN and James Blake but manages to add something new to the mix with a beautiful layer of ambient tones that range from Brian Eno to Vangelis and Olafur Arnulds.

Check Out

Coming across as a great, lost Ed Sheeran song focused through the urban sound of Bloc Party and the gentle EDM of Scandinavia, Desire is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the emotional melancholia of Dems.

 “When me and you are down,

We’re just the same

Burning from

Won’t always give my name


With lovely heartfelt, honest vocals and dreamy, delicate soundscape, Desire showcases the very best of Dems.




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