“I think if there is any common meaning, I guess it is the search for purpose, within life, relationships, and the challenges within both. But anyone can take what they need from it; it’s a collection of many thoughts, dreams, and perspectives.”

Chris Pearson : Sleeperstar

RockYourLyrics interview September 2014


 Image: sleeperstar.com

Gentle Razor-Edged Fragility

Why are we made to feel guilty and ashamed by liking something with emotional resonance and melodic beauty that appeals to a broad range of individuals? The alt-rock power pop of Texas five piece Sleeperstar drips with emotion, hooks and honesty. Is it a guilty pleasure? Maybe. Have they produced possibly the best crafted, most heartfelt, mainstream record of the year? Just possibly.

“Lost Machines” is a record that, sadly, not many people will hear. Which is a shame. Mining a musical vein that includes influences from U2, Switchfoot, Mutemath and The Fray, Sleeperstar, who release all of their music independently (despite overtures from many of the corporate giants), have struck gold.

Consisting of Chris Pearson, Nick Box, Jake Lester, Geoff Ashcraft and Shaun Menary, Sleeperstar released their debut album “Just Another Ghost” in 2010. Single “I Was Wrong” found it`s way onto The CW`s “The Vampire Diaries”. In 2013 the band re-entered the studio to start work on their sophomore effort with producer Dustin Burnett.

Check Out: ‘Apocalypse’

Brilliantly anthemic and instantly memorable, lead single, “Apocalypse” is three and a half minutes of U2 in their prime meshed with the direct honesty of Switchfoot. Yet it is so much more than that. It is an uplifting call to arms with some of their most political songwriting to date.

“This is the way it is can you change it?
Extreme belief will make you a stranger
To all the men and kings and their styles
You make the world and set it on fire
Tear down the walls don’t need no protection
Release the bombs of natural selection
Before the voices drown you to sleep
Best you remember”



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