Tremors by SOHN

Released on 7 April 2014 on 4AD Records.

“There’s something about the way I was working overnight on the album which found its way into the sound. Every night I worked finished with a cold sunrise and a walk home… and to me that’s what Tremors sounds like.”

Christopher Taylor aka SOHN.


Sohn - Album of the Week Review

Sohn – Album of the Week Review


 Soulful Coldness

Venice-based Londoner, SOHN (real name Christopher Taylor) has been building a following and critical acclaim since he released The Wheel on his Soundcloud page in 2012. This track is driven by a slow, almost doo-wop rhythm, sampled and textured vocals and harmonious keys. SOHN’s vocals are up front and centre in this delicate maelstrom of coldness. It`s an impressive tune. One that caught the eye of 4AD records.

 The Wheel


Now, along comes his debut album, Tremors on the 4AD label, and it is one of the most impressive debuts of the year thus far.

The album, as a whole, is drenched in warm production which is offset beautifully by the icy minimalism of SOHN’s music and his intertwining vocal, which is always a vital part of every tune. This is music for the broken-hearted, the come-down, the isolated individual and it is a wonderful example of how one can have a personal relationship with music.

SOHN’s vocal is impressive in its range and control and his use of the studio to use his voice as an instrument is equally powerful. Opener The Tempest and the aforementioned The Wheel are fine examples of this.

Tremors is a powerful yet subtle record that pushes at the edges of EDM and the confines of the Singer/Songwriter genres, moulding them into something beautiful and delicate.



Check Out: Bloodflows

A simple melody and clean production, offer the ultimate canvas for SOHN’s impassioned vocal, which sounds like a man trapped in a relationship he’s lost all love for; “ Shotgun/Poetry/Crack the whip again, make me see/Chopin ain`t nice for me/Infiltrating my body”. But the song builds hypnotically with SOHN’s treated vocal as an instrument to whip the song in a totally different, almost cathartic direction.




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