Cisco Chairman John Chambers thinks that pretty soon, the Internet of Things (IoT) will transform everything.

Speaking to NDTV’s Vikram Chandra at the World Economic Forum at Davos he said.

“It will change GDP, it will change healthcare. It will change education. It will change smart cities. In short, every economy, every country, every city, every house, every car, every wearable will be connected to the internet.”

The implications of such a massive multiplication in connectivity are profound. Chamber’s believes that the true impact of the internet is only just beginning and that economies will need to re-tool and re-train to keep up.

“We are training electricians in Germany [and] instead of just doing electrical work, we are training them to create sensors. So it’s going to be a rotation and jobs will be created, if companies and countries provide the education to allow their workforce to change.”

In a separate interview on the same day on CNBC, Chambers drove home the point.

“Every CEO is learning that they have to digitise their company for fast innovation and if they don’t they get left behind. The government leaders; it doesn’t matter if you’re talking to Chancellor Merkel, President Hollande in France, or Primie Minister Cameron in the UK. they get that that they have to digitise their country.”

With technical innovations overturning so many aspects of our everyday lives and the pace of innovation continually increasing, it seems that ‘keeping-up’ will become an increasing pre-occupation for us all.

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