Smart Cities Are Coming

Across the globe, new networked smart cities are being built and planned. ‘Upgraded for the future,’ smart cities offer huge commercial and social opportunities. More than that, they give us a way to rethink the way we live. Projects like IBM’s ‘The Smarter City’ are attempting to change urban living forever and in the process, deal with the huge range of challenges we face in our urban environments today.

Urban analytics and the modelling and prediction of human movement, behaviour and mobility patterns, are becoming hot topics for urban planners.

Flexible, dynamic, crowd-sourced models of urban living are being created. They will respond to urban residents in real-time. Web-based interfaces will improve transparency in governance and allow for more co-operative models of information sharing.

Key questions are being asked about how to create network-centric, data-driven city systems. The answers will change the way our cities work and the way we live in them.

They will create the smart cities of the future.

We’ll be investigating soon.

Stay tuned.

IBM’s Smarter City Series:

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