Collisions is a stunning piece of immersive VR cinema that debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Created by pioneering Australian documentary filmmaker Lynette Wallworth, it tells the story of Nyarri Morgan, an Aboriginal artist and elder, who witnessed the British atomic tests at Maralinga in the 1950’s.

Morgan says that when the nuclear explosion first appeared on the horizon line, he thought it was the spirit of his Gods rising from the earth. Within days, it was claiming lives. His need to understand what happened, defined the rest of his life.



Tthe collision, between an ancient indigenous culture and the formidable encroaching forces of the atomic age is the fascinating subtext to this stunning piece of VR cinema. Morgan’s compelling narrative and Wallworth’s skillful deployment of 360¬į visuals and Dolby sound is brilliantly blended, creating a truly compelling story.

Aided by the immersive power of VR, the audience is catapulted into the sights and sounds of the outback and immersed in a story that captures the desolate beauty of the Australian desert. The film builds, towards a genuinely awe-inspiring climax.

Collisions is a brilliant cinematic achievement and an early example of what the medium is capable of. It pushes VR cinema as far as it can currently go and in the process, tells a story that feels both urgent and important.

It is the start of something new.

Collisions is available to watch in immersive 3D with a compatible VR headset by downloading either the IOS or Google Play app.

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