Corbu – Dream Pop


“It’s a sort of parallel reality to our normal, waking consciousness – one where time doesn’t exist and dead relatives can hang out with you. Whenever I’m making art or music, I feel like I’m trying to reach over into that place and bring some of it back into this one.”

 Jonathan Graves, from an interview with Music Without Labels


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Corbu are a dream pop, Shoegaze inspired psychedelic 5 piece, who create haunting, swirling modern lullabies. Headed by vocalist Jonathan Graves, who breaks down pieces of movies to create another layer of their texture to their music, Corbu seem intent on capturing that space between reality and dreams.

Check Out: We Are Sound

It begins with a delicate guitar riff, aided by distant washes of synth. It adds Graves vocal and then a melodic piano and keeps building. It is as if Death Cab for Cutie frontman, Ben Gibbard made a record with Kevin Shields. Around 2:40 the song mutates, quietly, into a bass driven, spacey funk-out.





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