“He’s obviously been a strong personal favourite of mine, so when Greg Berlanti approached us and said ‘Hey, what would you think if we did The Flash as a spin-off?’ all of us lit up!”

Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer, Arrow


Expanding the Universe

As The CW’s Arrow series goes from strength to strength, writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Flash comic writer, Geoff Johns are hard at work, expanding the universe of Oliver Queen and company with spin-off series The Flash.

Regular viewers of Arrow, will already know that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) debuted in the season two episode, The Scientist. He suffered a freak accident in the following episode, Three Ghosts and is now comatose.

With the idea of a backdoor pilot shelved, The Flash was commissioned and now has its own pilot and potential series preparing to air in the Autumn.

The idea of a spin-off from Arrow is a good move by DC. It may well give them the perfect format to combat the big screen dominance of Marvel. With Batman and Superman the only bankable DC commodities in the movie arena and the massive failure of the Green Lantern film, the small screen seems a good fit to develop important, but lesser known heroes.

Gustin seems a good choice as Allen. A nice counterpoint to the brooding, dark heroism of Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen. His geeky awkwardness and superior intellect will hopefully, give the show, a unique identity.

As a member of the Central City Police Department’s Forensic lab, the idea of a super-powered CSI series, with a lighter tone than Arrow, lends itself nicely to a TV show.

Only time will tell.



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