NIgel Townsend, Kiroco


Hypernetec visits the North Yorkshire office of Kiroco, creators of a new smartphone savvy, interactive jewellery range.

We chat with the companies M.D. and Master Jeweller, Nigel Townsend and discuss Kiroco’s ethos, products and future plans.

Winner of the 2014, Best Innovation of the Year Award, at the Wearable Technology Expo, Kiroco’s products combine the elegance of decorative jewellery, with cutting-edge digital connectivity. The result is a unique range of smartphone-enabled jewellery, that refines the role of one of our most ancient cultural artefacts, with an engaging interactive twist.

Kiroco technology, takes the sentiment of gifted jewellery and translates it into text messages, videos, pictures and audio. The results are accessed when the wearer touches the gift to an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Kiroco technology, allows the jewellery’s timeline to be updated, long after the giving of the gift. This creates a secure and highly personal connection between wearer and sender. The result is a combination of a decorative item and an evolving personal time-capsule.

Kiroco products bring the sentiment and emotion that has always been a part of jewellery, firmly into the 21st Century.

Hypernetec: Episode 9 – Kiroco


Thanks to Nigel, Fiona and the Kiroco team.


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