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“I know that it’s been rough, 

It shows in your reflection. 

You’ve fallen out of touch, 

Got lost along the way. 

I know it’s not enough 

But these things all get better” 

Aquilo – Human

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FFrom the same part of England as the excellent Wild Beasts, Lake District pair, Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher are Aquilo, purveyors of beautiful, lush electronic soundscapes and piano driven pop reminiscent of Coldplay and downtempo Radiohead.

Growing up as neighbours, both Higham and Fletcher were in rock and grunge bands in their younger days. However they soon switched the six strings and amps for something more layered and sonically brittle.

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“ I’m a massive Nirvana fan, and I used to love playing loud music, and then when we did it, we started playing acoustic together. I think that’s where the whole soft side came from, because we had no drummer.”

Ben Fletcher, Interview with Unrecorded

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 The gently-paced “You There” from their self-titled debut EP was chosen for the BBC Radio 1 playlist in June 2014 and was included as the music for the trailer to the independent Guantanamo Bay drama, Camp X-Ray. It is dreamy, meandering piece of electronic pop that tugs emotionally and sonically.

Musically inhabiting similar soundscapes as SOHN, whom they regard as a massive influence, it was no surprise that he produced the track “Human” on their second EP of the same name. It has the same sadness that was drenched all over SOHN`s brilliant debut album last year, but with a slight 80’s tinge, maybe due to Hingham’s earnest, yet soothing vocals or the London Grammar influences seep through their electronica.

“I Gave It All” is one of the saddest pieces of music you will hear all year, but it also contains a lot of hope and beauty in it’s apparent tragedy. Starting out with a modest piano and little else it soon shifts, morphs and grows into something epic and powerful that smacks a sucker punch of emotional tenderness and melancholia.



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