“Tracks like Collapse and Flaws, are pretty hopeless, almost desperate lyrically, which I think we can all kind of relate to in some way or another, but then it’s all resolved towards the end with Vapour and Rebirth – there’s more of an understanding and a hope towards the future.”

Interview with The Music May 2014


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“I struggle to sleep without a playlist of beautiful music! So that’s the ‘Sleep Clinic ‘part”


At only 17 years old, Australian Tim Bettinson, is the young man behind the haunting melodies and heartache of Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Like a beautiful child of Sigur Ros and Bon Iver, Vancouver Sleep Clinic released the stunning “Winter” E.P. last year and it really is hard to believe that is the work of one so young.

“I kind of used winter as a metaphor for a cold and dark period in my life, and that was kind of the space I was writing in. It was freezing and I was alone in my bedroom, it felt cold and dark a lot of the time, so yeah, I thought that would be a cool metaphor that would translate well in the EP.”


The opening track is the show-shuffling “Collapse” with Bettinson`s choirboy falsetto placing it firmly in Bon Iver territory, yet is more glacial and more widescreen than anything on For Emma. “Flaws” heightens the beauty and isolated coldness and “Vapour” is seductive, brilliantly performed and arranged.

The ‘Winter’ EP can be ordered here or from iTines and the debut album is due for release later this year.




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