Smart jewellery start-up Ringly has attracted a $5.1 million Series A round of funding from Silicon Valley’s billion-dollar venture-capital firm Andreesen Horowitz.

The cash will be used to help the fledgling New York based company ramp-up production of its interactive cocktail ring, innovate new products and expand its business infrastructure and partnerships.

Interest in Ringly’s chic interactive rings has grown quickly since the company began taking pre-orders back in July 2014. The product launched in December of the same year and immediately attracted positive early buzz from both technology and fashion sites.

The rings connect to a mobile-phone via Bluetooth LE and will blink or vibrate when the wearer receives incoming calls, email’s, or text’s. There are four vibration patterns and five colours and the alerts can be personalised via an accompanying app.

The app will support a variety of popular applications including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, eBay, Tinder and more. Tapping the ring will cause it to vibrate the phone – useful when the phone has been temporarily mis-placed.

The technology in the  jewellery is impressive. Each ring has a precious or semi-precious stone, set inside 18k gold-plated metal. There are several stones to choose from including black onyx, pink sapphire, rainbow moonstone, emerald, and quartz. Underneath each stone is a tiny light, a motor, accelerometer and battery.

Battery life is around 2-3 days on a charge and the Ringly case doubles as a charger when plugged into a USB port.

The jewellery affords the wearer a degree of freedom from unwanted digital distractions, whilst allowing them to stay connected to the people and messages they deem important.

Ringly is clearly benefiting from the on-going convergence of fashion and technology and its products are well-placed to stand out in a sea of clunky smartwatches and ‘me too’ activity trackers.

Accessorising with smart jewellery that maintains its aesthetic appeal, whilst offering subtle connectivity, is clearly something which interests the forward thinking, fashion-conscious women the jewellery is aimed at.

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