“In a larger sense though, our music plays into the more general trend of artists incorporating certain elements of R&B and pop into their sound and creating something really unique.”

Kelly Zutrau : Interview Magazine

Liquid Beauty

Another group hailing from Brooklyn, Wet combine the beautiful, quirky electronica of CHVRCHES and Imogen Heap with the Fleetwood Mac-esque Americana of Haim, to produce an infectious mix of lonely electro-pop melodies, hooks and R&B grooves.

The self-titled debut EP was released in the States last year on Neon Gold, and will hit British shores in May via National Anthem (who also introduced CHVRCHES and Haim).

“They each have their own story. Yeah, I mean, explicitly they’re breakup songs, the songs on the EP. They are all about romantic relationships.”

Kelly Zutrau : Interview Magazine

wet insert-2

Dreams is a skitterish, almost musically schizophrenic tune, with strong elements of Imogen Heap in her pomp, before gorgeous and rich guitar licks kick in, that wouldn’t be out of place on 1999-era Prince tune. Don`t Wanna Be Your Girl is a beautiful, heart-wrenching ballad recalling Sinead O`Connor or Shakespeare’s Sister given a healthy dose of Americana and Electronica.

No Lie is angelic, sad and sits proudly alongside anything The xx or CHVRCHES have produced.


Check Out : You’re The Best

The auto-tuned vocal recalls a female Bon Iver, before the sound expands and the guitar grooves in around 45 seconds, to reveal what a song on Fleetwood Mac`s Rumours album may have sounded like – if it was recorded in 2014. It is a gently-pulsing, but poetically relaxing tune, that bodes well for Wet`s future.



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